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Huai-ying "Kay" Hsi

Ph.D. Student

Department of Chemical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Room: E19-532
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: (617) 324-8460
Fax: (617) 253-2072


  1. Ph.D. Candidate, Chemical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts Projected Degree Conferral: December, 2012
  2. M.S. Chemical Engineering - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts June, 2010
  3. B.S. Chemical Engineering - National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan - May, 2007

Research summary:

My Ph.D. thesis comprises the study and optimization of separation processes in pharmaceutical industries. The main goal is to avoid solid handling and increase the selectivity of traditional crystallization processes. I study the purification of intermediates and final active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) using selective impurity co-crystal formation or impurity complex formation in the solution. A strategy was designed to select the optimal co-former, solvent, and co-former concentration to achieve the best separation for a specific system. I am also exploring the possibility to purify the intermediates/APIs using self-assembled monolayers (SAMs).


Crystallization, co-crystals, separation processes, SAMs

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